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Safe in your Home Installer Commitment


We’ve launched a new initiative to support you and homeowners to undertake work in their home as follows:



The Commitment intends to do two things:


Give you clarity on the correct social distancing and safety guidelines when entering customers’ homes.


Give MY customers reassurance that any visiting installer who signs up to the commitment as have we, will have the knowledge and tools to take the right precautionary measures.

Homeowner Guide pdf Download Installer Guide pdf Download Work Safe Logo 1 Work Safe Logo 2

Please do not invite us into your home, if you feel unwell, show any Coronavirus symtoms, have a temperature, loss of smell or taste, been in contact with anybody who has Covid-19 / Coronavirus, if you have been in contact with another person who knowingly does not social distance, or you have not followed social distancing measures. if you suffer from health conditions that would make you especially susceptible to Coronavirus please do not invite us to your home.


We have a very high regard for life and the well being and safety of our customers, and are committed to keeping you & ourselves safe and well .