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 I am committed to installing energy efficient Boilers and Gas appliances that are not only efficient and look after your money and home but also look after the environment, I always fit and install where possible Sedbuk band 'A' Appliances Especially the new Worcester Bosch Boilers that save money on running costs both Electricity and Gas and help the environment by dramatically helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Play the video link on the left to help explain how determined i am to help you save money.


 I Work Very Very Hard to make people Carbon Monoxide aware, carbon monoxide is a very dangerous  gas, you can't see it, smell it and you can't taste it, it is a silent killer and it comes from poorly maintained and/or faulty gas appliances, I work very hard to ensure your gas appliances are safe to use. Your in danger if you use unqualified people who carry out specific work or are not gas registered at all.Why not have your appliances serviced by me to ensure safe operation? thank you for looking at my web site please feel free to contact me for a no obligation quote.

 I offer many services to the public , landlords and to businesses nationwide who have property that needs maintaining in my local area, I offfer a wide range of Gas services including Gas fire installations and Gas fire maintenance or servicing, I install combination boilers both wall mounted boilers and floor standing boilers as well as maintaining them or servicing, I offer services to landlords too who require these services or just a CP12 (landlords safety certificate) .  I install Gas Central Heating to Homes with Energy Efficient Boilers to save you money and to help the environment. I am also qualified to carry out combustion analasis to clarify correct appliance combustion, and last but not least trained to high standards with energy efficiency so that customers receive the highest standards all the way through whatever work is carried out.

24 hour service is Available, a callout service is offered after 8pm - 8am throughout a night period, this is a chargeable service .

As of  May 2018, the data protection to you and i changes, it is more strict and we cannot use or disclose your contact information without your consent. What this means is that if you decide to leave feedback on my feedback page please feel free to do so but in your comments, do not disclose for display personal telephone numbers or your email addresses.


We now run under a protected strict data protection policy and we cannot contact you nor use your personal information for our own purposes such as advertising or business gain unless you give us permission to. If you so wish to use your name in feedback please feel free to do so knowingly it will appear next to your comments about my work for you.


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