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Here are a few examples of my customers personal opinions below:

David Arnold 2019.9.15 12:46

Hi would just like to say that from day one to final installation Carl was a pleasure to meet and his workmanship is second to none 10 out 0f 10.

I had done my home work chosen the boiler looked at the place to relocate it talked this through with all the other instalers.Carl was the only one that pointed out that the boiler would require the larger flue due to where it was going, due to the length of it no one else had pointed this out so checked this out myself phoned Worcester bosch got the specs on the boiler that was to be fitted and guess what Carl was right.All I can say is if you are looking for someone to fit a new boiler  I would highly recommend Carl.


Rob and Michelle Butler 2018.4.9 10:40

I am very pleased with Carl's advice and work. The installed boiler and controls work exactly as described by Carl and the house is now kept at a comfortable temperature without fluctuating.  He is very courteous and considerate. I fully recommend his work


Ian Fraser 2018.2.4 18:29

Carl recently fitted a new combi boiler to my house.  Carl did a fantastic job and a very good price.  Carl went through everything fully and resolved all previous faults and errors in fitting the old boiler (didn’t get it fitted it was in when i bought the house)  Carl left the house immaculate you would not think he had been.  To sum it up a fantastic job and workmanship.  If you can find anybody better i will be amazed.


Mr D Alder 2018.1.10 13:04

After reading the comments, I decided that I was going to get advice from Carl, regarding the condition of our Heating Boiler.

We chose that the best option was to replace the old boiler and controls.

After a well informed and no pressure discussion, I may add.

Carl had given me a quote along with a full breakdown of cost and what work would be undertaken, this was then backed up by a letter with everything we had planned so I knew exactly what work and guarantees/ warranties/ certificates come with the new system. Work carried out on Day planned 09/01/2017.

The work was carried out to the highest of standards, he respects that he is working in your home and uses appropriate coverings were they are needed.

Carl is a conscientious and hard working man, and it is evident that he "really does care" and takes pride in his work,

Carl explained on how the controls worked on the room thermostat, there is also a useful link on the site at Worcester bosch,  I have given the link of the type  we now have fitted, and is great to refer to.

We are going to use Carl, for all our servicing and any future work within our home that needs a person of Carl’s skill and commitment and attitude.

PS if you are making a drink for yourself please offer one to Carl, he will appreciate the offer, and bearing in mind he could be working in your house all day.

Mr Alder


D. Coull 2017.12.20 09:39

I would just like to add my feedback on my dealings with Gleeson gas company. Carl installed a new Worcester 34 CDI boiler for me, I found his work to be of the highest standard in all aspects of fitting a boiler, he is one of the most polite gentlemen I have met and he was always available to listen to any questions that I asked, and always give advice.

So all I can say, if you get Gleesons gas to do any gas work you will be met and treated by a professional service, and most of all a honest, polite, and likeable guy.


Tony D. 2017.10.25 19:44

Not being a fan of "Social Media" and similar self promotional methods, my initial choice of 5 providers for quotations via "Livelink", was somewhat coloured by my cynical opinion regarding the validity of self opinion of those providing said opinions. Therefore, I decided to seek 5 quotes and I made my 5 choices from those individuals who did not exclude themselves by their own offerings (like the British Gas fitter who was too busy to be available to give a quote for 4 or 5 weeks from the day of contact).

I then prepared to meet the resulting chosen 5 and try to find some yardstick by which to rate them. By the time number 5 appeared, I had seen a couple of "top end" presentations and 2 at the lower end of the scale. I was satisfied with apparent range of variations and options available, and was starting to conclude that the selection process would be driven by the price tag.

I was therefore somewhat surprised that the first 20 or so minutes in Carl's company was spent in being made to confirm in my own mind that my choice of a "Combi" heater was one I actually understood and needed and not an expensive luxury. Having accepted that I did meet the criteria, we then proceeded to look at the scope of the task to be undertaken.

At the end of the inspection, Carl summed up the task in commendable detail, during which summery I was hugely impressed by a number of less than obvious points regarding the state of the existing equipment and the building, which could give rise to problems that Carl had identified. This gave me an insight to his experience and his depth of knowledge of types of properties in which he had worked. The net end result of the quotation process was the confidence which I felt in Carl in terms of both his competence and integrity, both of which have been reinforced in me throughout the installation process. He promised a standard of work, a realistic schedule and due respect of my property, all of which he achieved to a most acceptable level. He was a pleasure have working on my behalf, and I will do my best repeat by to encouraging his assistance in future maintenance tasks and any other work requiring his skill sets, to which I can get him to agree.

It has been a most satisfactory and enjoyable experience. My most sincere thanks